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Brooklyn: Collaged (+ Kurt)

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I’m a fan of German artist Kurt Schwitters’s work, a lot of which is composed of found litter, such as this piece Merz 460. Two underdrawers.

Kurt Schwitters_Merz

Merz 460. Two underdrawers by Kurt Schwitters

Here are a few more from the Guggenheim. And I got to see three in person yesterday, at the Vancouver Art Gallery’s show, MashUp.  (I neglected to get down the name of these pieces though and my photos aren’t great.)

But what I really wanted to post about today—the connection being that both artists use found material in their work—was the fabulous collage map of Brooklyn by Jennifer Maravillas, which I was introduced to via this article on Atlas Obscura. Here is the image that caught my eye, called 71 Miles (the size of Brooklyn):

Image and map courtesy Jennifer Maravillas.

Image and map courtesy Jennifer Maravillas.

Fabulous, no? It took her three years to complete. And now she’s working on 232 square miles, which will encompass the five boroughs of New York City. (You can see the blog on the progress of that project here.) She thinks it will take her ten years. You can read more about the process of creating 71 Miles here. Thanks for allowing me to post the images, Jennifer.

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A good day is one spent at the art table with scissors, glue, and piles of interesting papers. In my exploration of collage, I paraphrase Roosevelt, I'm doing what I can, with what I have, from where I am (in life and location).

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