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Uppercase Abstracts

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Postcard for the Uppercase Collection from Windham Fabrics

Postcard for the Uppercase Collection from Windham Fabrics

I’m an avid reader—books and magazines are some of my best friends—but I’ve also had to move around a fair bit in the last year and a half, so I know that those things carry a lot of weight. So I’ve tried to streamline a bit (and now that I live two blocks away from a fabulous library, I can borrow more), but there are a few things I still will buy and keep. In the magazine world, there are Uppercase and Kolaj. More on Kolaj later, but I want to do a shout out to Uppercase today. If you are interested in art and creativity and design, then check this magazine out. I am in awe that it is pretty much a one-woman show, with Janine Vangool being publisher, editor, and designer. And I’m hugely proud that it is a Canadian magazine, produced in Calgary, Alberta.

The magazine comes out four times a year and each issue is based on a theme—book arts, postage stamps, typography, colour, and on and on. It’s beautifully produced and endlessly interesting. Janine creates a unique pattern to be used on the spine of each issue and these were recently made into fabrics (displayed in the postcard above; each issue has a couple of postcards tucked into it). The most recent issue had a catalogue showcasing the fabrics, and, well, I couldn’t resist doing a bit of abstract collage. Thanks for such a great magazine, Janine.

[Later. This was a very nice surprise that wound up in my inbox on May 11. Janine put my collage at the top of her Uppercase newsletter. Very fun. Thank you, Janine!]



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A good day is one spent at the art table with scissors, glue, and piles of interesting papers. In my exploration of collage, I paraphrase Roosevelt, I'm doing what I can, with what I have, from where I am (in life and location).

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