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glue + paper + scissors = collage

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Mid-month Experiments

Recording for posterity. (Ha!)



Rainbows and Experiments

Last month I finally got to a pride parade (in Victoria, BC) and also finally teed up with an artist friend, Lucie Duclos, who I met at a workshop at the Port Townsend School of Art. (Lucie has—wisely, I think—relocated to Victoria after a few decades in the US, and she’s doing workshops, online and in person.)

Inspired, I made this collage using books from the New Canadian Library series published by McClelland and Stewart.  (Deconstructing them would probably make this collector’s heart ache. Although I used books from series 2 [there were 6], which The Ignorant Intellectual did not like much, so maybe he/she wouldn’t mind!)

And here are a few recent experiments. Maybe they’re done, maybe they’re not!