adrienne mason art

glue + paper + scissors = collage


Pigs in ThoughtA good day includes time with my family, time spent outdoors (perhaps walking, biking, or on my paddle board), and time with a glue stick, scissors (or not; tearing works too) and a stack of interesting papers. Collaging is as close as I think I’ll ever get to meditation.

The last thing I really needed was another website or blog, but I wanted a place just for my art—as well as the fabulous mail art that is sent to me—thus, this site. If nothing else, it’s a record for me, to see how my art changes over time and as a place to converse and share with other fans of art, collage, and mail art.

Collage is my passion, but not my vocation. I’d love to spend more of my time exploring art, but, all going well in life, that time will come. For now, my days are filled with work that is deeply fulfilling and people I enjoy spending time with. If you are interested in that part of my day, you can find more here and here.

For those who followed me over at Tough City Writer, that site is still live (for now at least), and there are lots of great things to explore on the site, but all new art-related posts will be here. Tough City Writer was becoming a mishmash and didn’t have all of the features I was hoping for in a blog. On that note, I’m still working my way through the ins and outs of WordPress, so please bear with me.





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