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Cartography Cardinal


For something completely different, this weekend I moved far away from my usual freeform abstract and made this:

Cartography Cardinal

I think the paper I used for the snow was a mistake (I was trying to pick up on the glitter in the other washi papers I used), but otherwise I think it was a good exercise. It’s a lot of little bits of paper though. I finally just laid the glue down first and added paper on top, rather than trying to apply glue to each piece. I first sketched the image on a piece of transparent film and used painter’s tape to hold it on top of the background (in this case, topographic map) and was continually flipping it back and forth for positioning.

I’ve received from great mail lately. The collages below are from Jack Oudyn—love his stuff— and the laminated tag now has a place of honour on my desk. He makes these great little books, often while travelling, which are always so interesting.

And these are some pieces from regular correspondents, Tofu and Torma. Tofu’s combined two vintage postcards into one (an idea to steal/adapt, I think!; here’s his post on these altered postcards) and Torma always has such interesting stamps (rubber and postage). Thanks to all three of you!


Author: Adrienne

A good day is one spent at the art table with scissors, glue, and piles of interesting papers. In my exploration of collage, I paraphrase Roosevelt, I'm doing what I can, with what I have, from where I am (in life and location).

4 thoughts on “Cartography Cardinal

  1. Oh!! That bird collage is terrific — love it. And your incoming mail is pretty wonderful too. Love the mini-book while traveling idea….


  2. Keep working with maps! Cartographic art can be a very rich genre to explore.


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